BAMC is now Benson Health

BAMC is now Benson Health

Non-Profit has new name, logo, providers, and services

BENSON, N.C. – Benson Area Medical Center’s CEO William Massengill announced on Monday, June 1 that the organization has changed its name to Benson Health and has rebranded with a new logo and tagline.

“I am very happy to share this exciting, positive news,” said CEO William Massengill. “This announcement demonstrates our long-term commitment to residents in Harnett, Johnston and Sampson counties and beyond. The new branding is designed to represent the organization now and carry it into the future, allowing room for growth and expansion of services to provide quality healthcare to a growing population.”

He continued, “I want to be clear that this is a rebranding – a name and logo change – and that our organization has not been sold. We continue to be a non-profit organization, a nationally recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home, and a member of the UNC Health Alliance, which provides best-practice sharing with continuous learning opportunities to improve patient health and well-being.

“The board of directors and I hope that the name change, along with the addition of more providers and the acute care service, as well as the new telehealth service started in response to COVID-19, demonstrates our commitment to being here for the community for many years to come. We also hope the community will embrace the new name, visit with our providers, and join in this positive spirit.”

Along with the name change is a logo change to visually represent that Benson Health is an up-to-date medical facility with a fresh outlook on providing quality healthcare. The new logo incorporates the tagline of ‘Primary Care for Everyone.’ The tagline is a strong, simple statement of exactly what Benson Health offers – primary healthcare for people of all demographics, including all ages, backgrounds, economic statuses – literally everyone.

Massengill shared, “A main component of branding is an organization’s logo. The imagery and color palette of our new logo represents life and vitality. The logo emblem, which we commonly call a ‘flower,’ stands for five key elements embodied by our organization: Community, Quality, Service, Innovation, and Patient-Centered.

“The text treatment in the new logo using all uppercase, bold letters for the name symbolizes strength and longevity, while the tagline in initial case is descriptive and makes it easy for people to know immediately what Benson Health can do for them and their family.”

In addition to the new branding, the non-profit organization has added new providers and now has 10 ready to serve you. The newest providers are Dr. Robert Matthews and Dr. Amanda Steventon. Matthews brings more than 35 years of experience to Benson Health with the last 11 years serving as a medical missionary in Africa. He tends to focus on complex issues of elderly people, but enjoys seeing patients of all ages. Steventon’s favorite aspect of serving people as a healthcare provider is the long-lasting relationships she forms with patients and their families. She particularly enjoys newborn and pediatric, adolescent, and women’s care.

“Our providers specialize in patients from infants to older adults,” continued Massengill. “We’ve also started an acute care service so that established patients who need to be treated immediately, but whose established provider’s schedule is full, can be seen as soon as possible.”

Patients may continue to see the former name for a while as the Benson Health providers and staff transition to the new name and new branding.

Acute Care Service

The Acute Care Service gives Benson Health patients with immediate needs the opportunity to be seen at their own doctor’s office where their medical records are kept and where they are familiar with the facility and the staff. Established patients will need to call for an appointment, but most of the time can be seen the same day.

The telehealth service allows our patients to visit with their provider through a video on a phone, tablet or computer, and in some cases, through a telephone call. This service is very beneficial and convenient for patients: no transportation time or costs, no need to take off work or secure childcare, less chance of catching a new illness, and less time waiting. Ask about a telehealth appointment when you call our office at 919-894-2011.

About Benson Health
Benson Area Medical Center was renamed Benson Health on June 1, 2020. Established in 1979, the facility is a federally certified rural health center providing primary healthcare to more than 12,000 residents of Harnett, Johnston and Sampson counties and beyond. Benson Health has nine medical providers and a clinical pharmacist. In addition to the mission of providing quality, compassionate care, Benson Health also serves as a training site for many future pharmacists, physician assistants, and physicians.

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